Guidance for i-Ready Diagnostic Users New to Online Instruction

Use the resources below to help you and your students get started using i-Ready Online Instruction and Learning Games. These resources can help you learn more about online lessons, how to prepare your students, and monitor student performance.

Online Instruction

Getting Started in Online Instruction

i-Ready Online Instruction provides targeted instruction to address a student’s strengths and needs. Learn how Online Instruction works and how to get your students started.

  • Teacher-Assigned Lessons (Video): If you're assigning Teacher-Assigned Lessons for the first time, watch this video tutorial.
  • i-Ready Online Instruction Orientation (Video): This on-demand virtual PD session provides an overview of i-Ready Online Instruction and a preview of the student and teacher experience, including online lessons, Learning Games, and reports.
  • Best Practices for Online Instruction (Digital Learning Extension): This online module shows how Online Instruction works and to get a sneak peek inside the student experience.
  • Get the Most from Online Instruction (Article): Read this article to get started in Online Instruction and access relevant resources.
  • How-Tos for Online Instruction (PDF): Refer to these How-Tos (pages 77–80 in the Teacher Success Guide) to enable and monitor Online Instruction for your students.
  • Teacher-Assigned Lessons (FAQ): Download this FAQ to learn more about how to use Teacher-Assigned Lessons during a school closure.

Preparing Your Students

Help students understand how Online Instruction works and why it’s important to their learning.

  • Getting Students Ready for Online Instruction (PPT): Use this presentation to introduce your students to the i-Ready experience and explain why lessons are important to their learning.
  • Student Online Instruction Lesson Logs (PDF): Students can use these Lesson Logs to help them take notes during lessons and capture learnings.

Monitoring Student Performance

Teachers play a critical role in a student’s online learning. Learn how to actively monitor student performance and respond to student needs.

  • How to: Use Online Instruction Reports (Video): Watch this video to learn how to navigate the Online Instruction reports and use them to monitor student performance.
  • Data Analysis Guide: Personalized Instruction by Lesson report: Use this document to help you analyze and plan next steps with the Personalized Instruction by Lesson report.
  • Online Instruction—Class (Cheat Sheet): Use this Cheat Sheet to understand the data in the Online Instruction (Class) report.
  • Online Instruction—Student (Cheat Sheet): Use this Cheat Sheet to understand the data in the Online Instruction (Student) report.
  • FAQ: Monitoring Online Instruction for Teachers (PDF): Read these FAQs to learn more about i-Ready Online Instruction usage recommendations and how to monitor and respond to students’ Online Instruction data.

Learning Games

i-Ready’s fun and interactive Learning Games are available for students in Grades K–5. Use these resources to help your students get the most out of Learning Games.

  • Learning Games (Article): Read this article to learn about what Learning Games are and how they benefit students.
  • Learning Games Educator Guide (PDF): Review this Educator Guide to learn how to access and navigate Learning Games.
  • Learning Games Overview (Video): Watch this video to see how teachers and students have benefited from Learning Games.

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