Getting Started in i-Ready Online Instruction

These resources are designed to help you get your students up and running using i-Ready Online Instruction and Learning Games. The video below provides a brief but important introduction to i-Ready lessons, and the two selections below the video provide detailed guidance for getting started. Click here for virtual professional learning options to help you get started with i‑Ready Online Instruction.

i-Ready for Students at Home


Detailed Guidance: Select the option that best reflects your students’ i-Ready experience.​

Diagnostic Users New to Online Instruction

My students have completed an i‑Ready Diagnostic but they are new to i‑Ready Instruction.


Never Used i-Ready Before

My students have never used i-Ready before.


Note about logging out: Please remind families that if they have multiple children at home who are using the same device to access i-Ready, each child must log out upon completion of their session. This will ensure each student’s data is accurate.

You may want to extend the learning from online lessons with printable materials that students can work on independently. You can use the Printable At-Home Activity Packs and Additional Resources, available on to complement students’ work on online lessons.

  • To select which resources to use, you can reference Alignment Documents for Mathematics and Reading, which link the concepts and student materials within the printable resources to the aligned i-Ready online lessons.