Encouraging Independent Math Thinkers

Blended Mathematics Curriculum

The Challenge

Plummeting test scores set Oregon’s Redmond School District in search of instruction that would help students progress to proficiency on new state standards. The district’s interim “stopgap” solution was burdensome and time consuming and lacked the coherence and rigor they knew was required. Ready Mathematics curriculum was their hands-down choice, offering all their students the rigor they knew they wanted within a format that would engage young learners.


Our Philosophy

We believe that all students can not only become standards-proficient but also engaged mathematicians. Solid mathematics routines must be integrated into instruction to enable students to be both strong, independent thinkers and active contributors in classroom discourse. Story problems with real-world application introduce topics and the teacher assumes the role of discussion facilitator, leaving much of the explaining, questioning, and debating to the students themselves.


Our Solution

Ready Mathematics is a rigorous, yet reachable mathematics program that, when layered with iReady, offers a fully integrated blended learning program. This innovative solution was built from scratch by a print and digital development team to align to the standards and to work together seamlessly. When Ready is implemented with iReady as a complementary digital program, teachers get robust data to guide their instruction, while each student receives a personalized online instruction path to complement the instruction and practice in Ready Mathematics.

Blended Mathematics Curriculum

See How Ready Mathematics and i‑Ready Work Together to Help Students Succeed

For districts like Redmond, and for districts around the country, Ready Mathematics has helped raise standards proficiency ratings. Developed through years of in-classroom learning and research, Ready Mathematics addresses key shifts, including Focus and Coherence and Rigor and Mathematical Practices. Its formula for mathematics learning success is proven to build the mathematics foundation young learners require.

Ready Mathematics: Awarded By Educators

Ready Mathematics emphasizes conceptual understanding through reasoning, modeling, and discussion using a proven-effective instructional model that allows students to develop procedural fluency and mastery of mathematics standards.

i‑Ready Assessments:

Making Data Work in the Classroom

iReady Assessments enhances Ready Mathematics by providing tools to pinpoint students’ strengths and areas of need and measure proficiency of on‑grade level standards.

i‑Ready Instruction:

Enhancing Learning in the Classroom

Driven by insights from the iReady Diagnostic, iReady Instruction’s online K–8 lessons provide personalized instruction that meets students where they are in their learning journey.

Speech bubbles Voices From Educators

Ready Mathematics guides our teachers to be facilitators, allowing our students to work at a higher level of cognitive demand.”

—District Administrator, GA

“The math conversations our kids have are amazing! They have so many strategies to solve problems!”

—School Administrator, TN

“It teaches my kids to be problem solvers and truly have a deep understanding of the content.”

—Grade 3 Teacher, KY

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