What Is Knowledge, Knowledge Building, and Knowledge Activation in the Context of Literacy?


Curriculum Associates provides research-backed, high-quality instruction grounded in the Science of Reading to accelerate student reading achievement for all Grades K–8 students.

In This Webinar

Discover models of reading that emphasize the role of knowledge in reading comprehension, and learn how to activate it. This episode will help you support students in accessing and applying their existing knowledge and experiences during reading.

About Our Literacy Experts

Dr. Courtney Hattan

Dr. Courtney Hattan is an assistant professor in the Science of Reading at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She earned her doctorate in educational psychology from the University of Maryland and her reading specialist degree from Johns Hopkins University. Hattan’s research centers on equitable and evidence-based instruction that supports students in activating and building their knowledge during reading. Specifically, her work has examined reading materials commonly used in classrooms, observed literacy instruction, and evaluated various methods for helping students recall and apply their knowledge before, during, and after reading. Her research is published in outlets such as the Review of Educational Research, Reading Research Quarterly, and the Journal of Educational Psychology. She was the 2019 recipient of the Timothy and Cynthia Shanahan Outstanding Dissertation Award and was named a Reading Hall of Fame Emerging Scholars Fellow.

Make an Impact with Our Curriculum Aligned to the Science of Reading

Provide explicit, systematic instruction for students at all levels.

Magnetic Reading

Grades 3–5, Supplemental

Spark engagement and increase confidence with systematic foundational skills instruction that moves students from foundational skills to reading fluency. 


Phonics for Reading

Grades 3–12

Accelerate learning for older learners who need a targeted approach to master decoding with an effective, efficient, and easy-to-follow program by Dr. Anita Archer.


i-Ready Assessment

Connect precise Diagnostic data to Personalized Instruction that’s engaging and easy to use.