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Critical Thinking Instruction Built for the TEKS

i-Ready Now Offers ThinkUp! for Texas Classrooms

Students who are taught to think critically have the skills and confidence to succeed in the classroom today and accomplish their goals in the future. ThinkUp! helps Texas educators empower students to understand problems, discover solutions, and take ownership of their education—resulting in mastery of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

ThinkUp! is:

  • A comprehensive learning solution for math, science, English language arts and reading (ELAR), and writing that is 100% aligned to the TEKS
  • A dynamic curriculum and proven instructional path that weaves the 9 Traits of Critical Thinking™ into every aspect of teaching and learning
  • A complement to i-Ready Assessment and Teacher Toolbox for Texas
  • Available for purchase in print and digital formats

9 Traits of Critical Thinking™ is a trademark of Mentoring Minds.

Get to Know ThinkUp!

ThinkUp! offers teachers and students a path for continual growth that leads to improved student achievement. Curriculum materials include robust student and teacher editions that deepen student engagement with standards-aligned content.

ThinkUp! Texas Math Grade 4 book cover.

ThinkUp! Math

Available for students in Grades 1–8 in English and Grades 1–5 in Spanish, ThinkUp! Math offers proven instructional strategies that guide teachers in planning rigorous lessons, differentiating instruction, and creating thinking-centered classrooms. This curriculum helps students build critical-thinking skills, apply mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills, and connect math to the real world.

ThinkUp! Texas ELAR Grade 4 book cover.

ThinkUp! ELAR

ThinkUp! ELAR offers students and teachers the opportunity to integrate all domains of the TEKS with an emphasis on reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking. Available for students in Grades 1–8 in English and Grades 1–5 in Spanish, each unit introduces the focus standards and the critical-thinking traits that support students as they learn, practice, and master the standards. ThinkUp! ELAR includes Getting Started, Instruction, Assessment, Intervention, and Extension components that help teachers build student engagement and confidence.

ThinkUp! Texas Science Grade 4 book cover.

ThinkUp! Science

ThinkUp! Science provides rigorous science resources to help educators embed critical-thinking and reasoning skills into lessons, emphasize scientific processes, and teach TEKS-based science concepts. Available for students in Grades 3–8 in English and Grades 3–5 in Spanish, ThinkUp! Science is full of hands-on activities and investigations that connect science to the everyday lives of students. Each unit unpacks and explains all TEKS for Science and includes vocabulary activities that help develop science literacy and strengthen communication skills.

ThinkUp! Texas Writing Grade 4 book cover.

ThinkUp! Writing

ThinkUp! Writing integrates critical-thinking skills to help students master the TEKS for composition, revising, and editing. Available for Grades 4 and 7, ThinkUp! Writing includes activities that support the writing process and provides effective instruction with focused practice. ThinkUp! Writing builds student understanding of the characteristics and craft of the writing genres and allows for immediate application and demonstration of their learning with teachers' support.

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