Become a Certified Louisiana Math Content Leader

Take Initiative with Louisiana Math Content Leader Training

Educators in Louisiana can upgrade, enhance, and share their knowledge and skills by becoming certified content leaders. Content leaders are local educators who have the knowledge, skills, and concrete resources to provide high-quality, content-rich, and curriculum-specific professional learning to teachers in their school/school system. Our mathematics content leader training provides targeted professional learning that deepens math content leaders' understanding of core mathematical concepts and unlocks insights into the progression of mathematical concepts across grades. Content leaders who complete the program and demonstrate they have mastered the specific skills will receive special distinction from the LDOE indicating they have the knowledge and skills to support fellow math educators.

Our training empowers leaders to maximize our math programs so they can take greater initiatives to support students' mathematical development, address prerequisites, and connect them to grade-level content. Additionally, fulfilling the content leader role is an important step in the leadership journey for talented local educators, including Louisiana’s principal certification. 

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics is an approved Tier 1 instructional material. As an EdReports top-rated program, i-Ready Classroom Mathematics recognizes that mathematical discourse is an incredibly valuable tool that allows students to deepen and demonstrate their understanding of foundational and complex mathematics concepts.

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i-Ready Classroom Mathematics content leaders will have an opportunity to:

  • Receive high-quality, content-rich curriculum training
  • Introduce or deepen use of math discourse in their classrooms
  • Bridge learning needs students may have between prerequisite knowledge and grade-level instruction
  • Strengthen their use of Curriculum Associates’ mathematics programs to impact student learning
  • Engage in practical experiences, reflective activities, and collaborative learning to enhance their capabilities

What We Offer

As part of this training, we provide nine in-depth modules that delve into content objectives, facilitation strategies, and coherence with i-Ready Classroom Mathematics lessons. Schools and districts can select training for their Grades K–8 teachers. Training for Grades K-5 or Grades 6-8 can be hosted at your district and/or neutral site. You will learn from expert content leaders as you dive deep into the content, work through your assessment, and earn recognition for completion.

Who Should Apply?

We encourage applications from teachers, instructional coaches, and math curriculum specialists who have:

  • A passion for teaching with i-Ready Classroom Mathematics and a desire to expand their knowledge of the curriculum and how it supports student-driven learning
  • The ability to foster productive struggle among colleagues and students
  • An interest in taking more initiative in your district or pursuing school leadership positions and professional learning for teachers in Louisiana, such as the state's principal certification

BloomBoard Support

All participants will have time during the training to complete the BloomBoard assessments and earn distinctions, showcasing their expertise as effective content leaders in mathematics education. Our team will support you by providing a clear roadmap for the preparation of the assessments and crafting a tailored action plan to ensure successful accomplishments.