Help Your Teachers Help Your Student

Let your student show what they have learned on i-Ready.

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What You Need to Know and Do

You’ll be tempted to help on the test. We get it—the i-Ready test is hard. But this test is not for a grade. It helps teachers give your student the best instruction possible.

Think of it this way—would you help your student with a vision test?  No, because hints won’t help the eye doctor help them. With i-Ready, hints on the test now could negatively impact your student’s instruction later.

If this is the second time your student is taking the test, you're probably asking, "Why are they taking this again?" Knowing how your student is progressing will help teachers know to best support them for the rest of the school year.

Learn how the i-Ready test is different and how you can do your part to help teachers help your student.


“I want to know exactly what I can do to help your child grow this year, and the i‑Ready Diagnostic gives me important information I need to help them. Let's work together to make sure that they complete the Diagnostic on their own so we know what your child needs to learn!” Kyle Cantrell, Grade 5 Math and Science Teacher

Messages from Teachers

"Families, it’s important that we’re able to know what your child knows so we can meet them where they are and take them the to the next level. So, I’m asking that you allow your child to please complete the Diagnostic to the best of their ability without any support from you."
—Larry Duncan

“Your child will struggle, but it’s okay. Struggle equals growth, and growth is the best measure of persistence. Partner with me! Work with me so I can continue to provide tailored instruction in the areas they need the most support. Let’s work together as a team! Support your child by providing them with brain breaks and encouragement—not hints—on the test.”
—Néllie Pagan

“Building a partnership with you to help your child grow is extremely important to me, especially as we work together remotely this year. I ask you to encourage them to try their best on the i-Ready Diagnostic, even if they get frustrated. Share with them that sometimes things are difficult, but doing hard things will help them grow. It will show me what I need to work on with your child as I plan class lessons. When they complete their Diagnostic, please celebrate their perseverance and their hard work!"
—Cyndi Chapman

Family Resources

Family Flyer and Checklist for Assessing at Home

Use this flyer and checklist to understand the top things you can do to support your student in preparation for their assessment.


Fridge Tips for Assessment Day

Use this one-page Fridge Tips to help remember what to do on the day your student takes the assessment.


Supportive Phrases

Use these phrases for ideas of how to talk to your student and be supportive during their assessment.


Parent and student doing schoolwork at home.

Understanding i-Ready Diagnostic Data for Families

Use these resources to help support family understanding of student i-Ready Diagnostic results.


You Got This! Student Video

Watch this video with your student to help them understand the i-Ready Diagnostic and prepare them for assessing at home!


Digital Readiness Kit for Families

Use this guide to help teach your student everything they need to know to be successful with the mechanics of computer-based lessons and assessments.