Mara Rodriguez.

About Mara Rodríguez

Mara Rodríguez is Curriculum Associates’ director of educator success. She and her team are responsible for ensuring educators who use i-Ready (and the Curriculum Associates teams who support them) have the resources they need to succeed. Mara’s deep empathy for educators and understanding of how hard they work comes from experience. She taught math at Roxbury Preparatory Charter School in Boston and worked for an education nonprofit for more than eight years before she turned to, as Mara’s daughter puts it, “helping teachers.”

Latest Posts

Students engaged in classroom activities.

Four Tips for Reengaging Elementary Students at Midyear

How can teachers renew student engagement in their learning now that they’re more than halfway through the school year? In this post, Mara Rodriguez shares four tips that will reengage students through spring.

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Teacher and student looking at a computer screen.

How to Create a Successful Summer Learning Program

Steps for planning summer school include: plan like it’s the school year, have clear goals, select students strategically, recruit and support your staff, build your structure, engage students and families, and monitor, adjust, and stay agile.

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How to Host a Summer Learning Challenge

Highland Elementary School in Riverside, Iowa, started its popular i-Ready Summer Challenge to keep students who weren’t attending summer school learning. Learn how they do it so you can replicate a similar program for your students.

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Student on a computer.

“Learning Loss” versus “Unfinished Learning” and Why We Use Both

In this post, we explain why we prefer to use the term “unfinished learning,” in most of our content, why we sometimes use “learning loss," and why we think this linguistic flexibility helps us better support our educator partners.

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Little Girl with head phone and a tablet.

Distance-Learning Success: Consistency during Remote Learning

In spring 2020, R.V. Daniels Elementary School was faced with the same tribulations as any other school forced to suddenly change from in-person to virtual learning. However, this Florida school was able to ensure learning continued for its 375 students by keeping expectations and relationships consistent.

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Teacher and students sitting on the floor.

Grants and Funding Hub

Curriculum Associates’ grants and funding team has assembled resources to help educators and administrators make sense of new federal funding sources, plan for summer school, and understand how our programs meet funding requirements.