The Difference Is Our Commitment

Working with Us

Teacher helping young girl at desk with i-Ready Assessments.

Our Mission and Values Set Us Apart

For nearly 50 years Curriculum Associates has been on a mission to make classrooms better places for teachers and students through our world-class products and customer-acclaimed service. As a pioneer in the edtech industry, we’re also on a mission to prove that an ethical, long-term, focused company is the one that will drive the best results. Curriculum Associates believes the role of an education company is to help students and teachers succeed, and this dedication has defined our vision and driven our company growth.


We hold ourselves to high standards every day, with five simple yet powerful values guiding our team’s decisions and interactions:

  • We are high in confidence but keep our egos low.
  • We say it like it is.
  • The quality of our service is as important as the quality of our products.
  • We measure ourselves by the impact we have on teachers and students, not by the size of our pocketbooks.
  • We lead with integrity in all things, ensuring every action by every employee every day could appear on a newspaper cover.

Educators who partner with Curriculum Associates experience this difference. Staying true to our mission and values has allowed us to expand our reach and impact, driving the company to quintuple in size and revenue from 2013 to 2017. Today we work with nearly 400,000 educators across all 50 states as well as internationally.


We Are Invested in Your Success

Educators see Curriculum Associates as a partner that provides great service and support.



An Extraordinary Commitment to Service

Providing educators with world-class training and support at every step of our journey together is our top priority. Curriculum Associates devotes extensive resources toward ensuring customer satisfaction. Our commitment to service is evident in our employee makeup with more than 40% of team members working in dedicated service roles to support educators who use our products. Our sales, account management, and professional development teams work together seamlessly, building strong customer relationships that support educators’ success. Our award-winning stellar service and technical support also drive tremendous customer loyalty and contribute to a renewal rate well beyond 90%.


Ratio of Service Employees

The percentage of Curriculum Associates employees serving in roles that directly support our customers


“Curriculum Associates is an amazing company, and I’ve worked with a lot of companies. So I can say this with confidence. Their customer service is unlike any company that I’ve ever been associated with.”

—Educator, Simpson County, CA

“The Curriculum Associates support professionals are the most dedicated, responsive, and helpful team I have ever worked with . . . Our principals and teachers are raving about the support they receive!”

—Director of Special Education and Assessment, Kokomo, IN

“Curriculum Associates is the most responsive company. I have never seen a company where literally we make suggestions and then we see definitive steps toward trying to make them happen.”

—Director of School Performance and Accountability, Broward County, FL

Unwavering Commitment to Student Success

Today 7 million K–12 students across the country use our programs. We’re proud to provide the best adaptive assessment and personalized learning materials to prepare them for success. Our team is constantly innovating to build cutting-edge learning technology that supports the students and educators we serve.


Singular Focus on the Classroom

Our mission to make classrooms better places for teachers and students motivates us every day. Designed to work both independently or together as a blended solution, our Ready and i‑Ready programs help educators manage the very real challenge of balancing two overarching classroom goals—teaching grade‑level curriculum and associated standards while differentiating instruction to meet the needs of all individual students.

“To the educators we serve, our employees are the hearts and faces of our company. Their dedication to our mission translates into the very best service to support the very best instructional materials, driving gains for millions of students.”

—Rob Waldron, CEO, Curriculum Associates


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