Distance Learning Virtual Summits and Webinars

Empowering Educators to Ensure Learning Continues

More than 7,000 educators have joined our At-Home Virtual Summits and Webinars to gain insights from a team of experts on topics related to distance learning best practices for i-Ready implementation, math and reading instruction, and ways to stay connected. Session recordings may be accessed below. Let the learning continue!


Photo of Daniel Pink.

Smarter Together: Leadership, Innovation, and the Science of Motivation

As leaders, how do we balance the mental and physical well-being of our staff while motivating them to innovate and address the needs of our students when they return from extended school closures? In this session, Daniel Pink and Rob Waldron discuss leadership moves that motivate people to do their best work. 

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Headshots of Margarita Pinkos, Valeria Silva, Elizabeth Álvarez, and Concha Fernandez del Rey

Multilingual Learners, Remote Learning, and School Reopening: Successful Strategies to Support Learners during and after the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic required schools to shift to remote learning. This shift left many of the five million multilingual learners in a difficult position due to the inequities within the educational system. During this webinar, national and regional experts discuss systemic considerations to implement appropriate strategies and practices to accelerate learning and reduce inequities for multilingual learners.

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Staying Connected 

Photo of Danielle Sullivan.

How to Stay Connected When We Are Apart

Many educators have had to say goodbye to seeing their students in person, maybe for the rest of the year. Change is hard; however, in this session, we talk about how we can still stay connected to each other and our students.

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Photo of Gary Miller.

Meeting Students Where They Are

In this session, educators gain eye-opening, data-based insights into the growing achievement gap across the country and tangible ways to make closing that gap a reality.

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Photo of Glenda Martinez Almonte.

Keeping English Learners Engaged during School Closures

As we navigate through redesigning our children’s school experience, we must continue to prioritize our most vulnerable students. This session explores how to encourage and engage those students.

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Photo of Tyrone Holmes.

Practical Student Engagement Tips in an Impractical World

To keep engagement and discourse alive, consider a few key best practices and add a little creativity. This session explores ways to keep engagement and discourse thriving in synchronous, asynchronous, or family-led classrooms.

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Mathematics & Reading/ELA

Photo of Megan Robinson.

Keeping Math Discourse Alive in a Virtual Reality

Explore ways to keep mathematical discourse thriving in virtual classrooms. It is still possible with a few key best practices and a little creativity. This session also includes a lesson demonstration and student modeling.

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Photo of Elizabeth Peyser.

The Arc of Arithmetic to Algebra

We will explore the progression of learning spanning from kindergarten to high school to experience how math skills developed in the early years prepare students for Algebra 1. No matter what grade you teach, you will find something to use with your students to propel them forward.

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Photo of Danielle Curran.

EdReports: The Consumer Reports for Educational Materials

In this session, you’ll learn about EdReports, their review process, and how it can help you make instructional product decisions. We'll focus on the mathematics criteria and look at sample reports.

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Photo of Anita Archer.

Effective Use of PHONICS for Reading in a Time of Remote Instruction

Struggling readers need to continue their journey toward accurate, fluent reading that supports comprehension. Dr. Anita L. Archer discusses how to adapt the PHONICS for Reading program to remote instruction.


Photos of Grace Kelemanik and Amy Lucenta.

Supporting and Engaging Students in Math Thinking and Discourse Remotely

Grace Kelemanik and Amy Lucenta, authors of Routines for Reasoning and co-authors of Ready Classroom Mathematics, share strategies for engaging students in mathematical thinking and discourse while teaching remotely. Teachers will leave with resources to help them manage online learning and strategies to use in remote learning settings.

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Distance Learning Resources

Photo of Megan Robinson.

Keeping Students Learning at Home

This session includes a discussion of the importance of high-quality instructional resources that are aligned to the standards and a shareout of available, free math and reading resources that focus on the major skills for each grade for K–8.

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Photo of Ken Tam.

Becoming a Discerning User of Online Resources

It’s never been easier to find online resources to supplement your curriculum, yet how do you know if any of it is good? This session shares research from the Fordham Institute and provides guiding principles for your classroom or school.

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Educator Voices

Photo of Nelida Pagan.

Remote Lessons Learned: Chronicles of a Second Grade Teacher

Nélida Pagan, a Grade 2 teacher from The Walt Disney Magnet STEAM School and member of the Curriculum Associates Extraordinary Educator Class of 2020, shares her experiences with distance learning.

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