Sowing the Seeds of Math: Cultivate Learning in Primary Grades

Sowing the Seeds of Math is a four-part webinar series that focuses on “creating a fertile ground” for students learning math. We will answer questions about creating engaging, active math lessons and how to infuse joy into teaching math.

Filled with hands-on problems and procedures, these videos will walk you through methods of teaching fundamental math skills you can use to support your students. You will learn that we are all calibrated to be mathematical thinkers, and you can foster a growth mindset in the classroom.

The Botany of Counting

Establishing the Roots for Success (Grades K–2)

Learn how to establish the roots of number sense through engagement with quantities, flexible thinking about composing and decomposing those quantities, and using the commutative property.

Make Math Come Alive

Establishing the Right Conditions for Growth and Learning

Explore actionable, research-based methods that promote an engaging and active classroom in which math can come alive for your students every day.

Fundamentals of Number Lines

Grades K–2

Using number lines is crucial in all mathematics. In this video, get ideas for how to develop students’ “linear view” of numbers through engagement with connecting cubes, number paths, and hundreds charts.

Cultivating Joy in Math Classrooms

Fun Activities to Calm Brains and Have More Fun in Math!

Are you struggling to find joy when teaching math? Are you out of ideas to engage your students? In this video, you will experience hands-on ways to engage students through play, games, and music.