Math in the Middle: A Plan to Engage and Motivate Middle School Students

Math in the Middle is a six-part webinar series that explains strategies for teaching important middle-grades concepts like tackling cross-multiplication and division, solving word problems, and measuring angles. You’ll also dig into higher-level topics within middle school education, such as math acceleration and the prioritization of algebra in the curriculum.

Managing Middle School Math through Reading

Do your students have the decoding skills they need to answer lengthy word problems? In this video, you’ll learn strategies that support your students’ approach to word problems using effective reading skills.

Rethinking Algebra 1 Acceleration Practices in Middle School

Where do middle school math acceleration practices leave students in the long run? This webinar asks you to rethink your system for math acceleration and consider new ways to provide meaningful learning paths that suit students’ individual needs.

Moving beyond Cross-Multiply and Divide

Explore new ways of teaching multiplication and division with strategies like tape diagrams, ratio tables, and double number lines.

Don't Mess with the Middle

Between classroom time constraints and a desire to get to algebra content sooner, this webinar discusses the effects of shifting grade-level standards on student success.

What’s Your Angle on Angles?

There is often a disconnect between students’ understanding of angles once they reach middle school. This participatory event presents methods of examining angles using tools like fraction circles and protractors.

Fraction Computation on Number Lines

In this webinar, you’ll participate in grade-level examples of fraction computation using number lines. Be sure to check out the interactive number line tools on the Teacher Toolbox for i-Ready Classroom Mathematics.