Build Procedural Fluency through Conceptual Understanding

In This Webinar

What does it mean to build fluency through conceptual understanding? It's all about connections! In this previously recorded webinar, Dr. Mark Ellis discusses the importance of building procedural fluency and how conceptual understanding helps students learn and use procedures and facts more flexibly while better retaining their skills over time. You’ll review examples that illustrate a student’s learning trajectory, beginning with fluency of single-digit multiplication facts, then explore partial products to make sense of multiplication, and finally end with partial quotients to make sense of division. Learn how an intentional focus on conceptual connections will position students to develop procedural fluency more readily.

Dr. Mark Ellis

Dr. Mark Ellis is a professor of education at California State University, Fullerton and Grades K–12 mathematics education scholar. He has written more than 40 publications and served on the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Board of Directors and Executive Committee. Mark is a coauthor of i-Ready® Classroom Mathematics and his latest book is about creating productive mathematics learning environments for elementary students. You can find him on Twitter @EllisMathEd

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics is a comprehensive mathematics curriculum that increases student engagement and keeps instruction manageable, so you get powerful results for your classroom.