i-Ready Reports Book

Learn about key i-Ready reports through the lens of two fictional Grade 5 students, Elijah Powell and Danielle Baker, in the i-Ready Reports Book. Start your journey with Danielle through a series of Reading reports, then follow Elijah through Mathematics. 

Along the way, see student-level data with connected instructional resources, class-level reports that support acceleration, school- and district-level insights to help inform resource allocation, and family reports that can help forge a strong home-to-school connection. Understand what Personalized Instruction usage looks like for Elijah and Danielle, and gain insight into their current understanding and possible misconceptions of key standards with Standards Mastery reporting.

At the end, learn more about the powerful Diagnostic behind key i-Ready reports, see how Personalized Instruction and Learning Games meet students where they are in their learning journey and encourage them as they develop new skills, and discover how i-Ready Partners help bring your implementation to life.

With the i-Ready Reports Book, see how clear data, connected instruction, and committed service come together in one coherent program.