i-Ready Assessment

Standards Mastery

Designed to Address the Rigor of TEKS and STAAR Redesign

i-Ready Standards Mastery in Texas

i-Ready Standards Mastery are flexible assessments designed to measure specific grade-level TEKS for Mathematics and English Language Arts (ELA) and Reading. Built to map to your scope and sequence, Standards Mastery assessments:

  • Quickly identify when reteaching is needed as standards are covered across the year
  • Pinpoint instructional priorities with detailed, skill-level data and intuitive item analysis

Technology-Enhanced Item Types

Many types of technology-enhanced items (TEIs) are included in i-Ready Standards Mastery. These items can provide a deeper understanding of student mastery of concepts, increase engagement, and are closely aligned to the STAAR Redesign’s new TEIs.

Student taking a mathematics assessment.


  • Short constructed response and text entry
  • Drag-and-drop
  • Dropdown menus
  • Graphing
  • Ordered list
  • Shading and hotspot
  • Selected response (i.e., multiple choice, multiple response, checklist)

Student taking a reading assessment.

ELA and Reading

  • Highlight text
  • Drag-and-drop
  • Inline choice
  • Choice matrix
  • Ordered list
  • Cloze (i.e., fill in the blank, text entry)
  • Selected response (i.e., multiselect and multipart)

Examples of Our TEIs

This is a sampling of the TEIs we offer. For more details, please contact your local Curriculum Associates educational consultant.

Get to Know Standards Mastery

i-Ready progress charts.

Measure Mastery

i‑Ready Standards Mastery allows educators to assess specific standards as they are covered in the classroom. Built to match the rigor of state tests, Standards Mastery assessments let teachers know which skills their students have and have not mastered so they can adjust instruction.

Puzzle pieces fitting together.

Know Where Students Struggle

i‑Ready Standards Mastery helps teachers identify misconceptions or errors in thinking and reasoning. Standards Mastery reports pinpoint the skills students are struggling to master and provide teachers with detailed, skill-level data and intuitive item analysis.

Pencils in a bullseye.

Close Learning Gaps

Standards Mastery reports are paired with detailed instructional resources for targeted remediation and reteaching, giving teachers immediate access to tools that will help students continue to progress.

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