Prepare Students for Grade-Level Learning

Get deep insight into the skills students need to succeed in upcoming Reading lessons with the new Grade-Level Scaffolding report for Grades 3–8.  

When you’re preparing to teach a skill in an upcoming Reading lesson, you want to know that all students have the support they need to truly engage with grade-level content. Use the Grade-Level Scaffolding report to know:

  • Which content might be hard for my students?
  • Who should I pair together for reading?
  • Who is ready for the new skill?
  • Who should I keep an eye on and why?

Connect Needs to Action

The Grade-Level Scaffolding report uses data-driven insights from the Diagnostic to create Skill Scaffolding groups, which show teachers who is ready for grade-level instruction and who needs additional support. Directly access scaffolded instructional resources to use with students who need extra support for the upcoming lesson.

Reading Groups That Work for Everyone

A pairing that works for everyone—no matter which text you’re using. The Reading Buddies pairing uses Lexile® measures to place students in well-matched, mixed-level pairs. See who should be paired together for reading and who will need extra teacher-led support. While students take turns reading the text aloud in their pairs to build reading fluency, teachers can use scaffolded instructional resources to target the needs of those needing additional support.

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