Ensure Students Are on Track for Reading Success

Understand students' overall reading progress in English and Spanish with digital data entry and student- and class-level reporting for educator-administered Benchmark and Progress Monitoring Literacy Tasks, all within i-Ready.

Centralize Your Literacy Data

Administer one-on-one print assessments to see firsthand how to best help students grow in key foundational literacy skills—without the hassle of manual records management. Digital data entry allows educators to bring essential literacy data back into i-Ready, reducing calculation errors and centralizing records across the district for easy access. 

Gain a Complete Picture of Student Literacy

Better understand where students are now and track their progress with student-level reports for Benchmark and Progress Monitoring Literacy Tasks. Use Benchmark Task data to understand where students are relative to grade level, and use intuitive and actionable progress monitoring graphs and data to measure the success of your literacy interventions.  

See Literacy Results at the Class Level

In every successfully decoded word, you see the impact of your literacy intervention on a student. When it’s time to review your i-Ready Literacy Task data, you need to gather all those individual breakthroughs into one place. View Benchmark Assessment data and Progress Monitoring status for each student in a class or Report Group in one place with the i-Ready Literacy Tasks (Class) report, so you can drive even more breakthroughs in literacy.

Graphs for Passage Reading Fluency in English contain aim lines, allowing you to track a student’s Rate of Improvement in Words Correct per Minute (WCPM) in response to reading intervention.

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