Engage Students and Accelerate Their Reading in Spanish

Increasing students’ reading skills in their home language leads to stronger reading skills in their second language. i-Ready Personalized Instruction for Spanish Reading for Grades K–5 provides emergent bilinguals the opportunity to develop critical literacy skills in Spanish on their pathway toward reading proficiency.

Over the past three years, i-Ready has added more than 300 digital lessons that meet the needs of students who are learning to read in Spanish in dual-immersion and bilingual programs.

The domains addressed are:

  • Phonological Awareness lessons for Grades K–1
  • Phonics lessons for Grades K–2
  • Comprehension lessons for Grades K–5
  • Vocabulary lessons for Grades K–5

Support Literacy Growth with a Spanish-First Approach

Specifically designed for Spanish-speaking students, i-Ready’s Spanish Reading lessons are not transadapted from English, as is the case with many other Spanish Reading programs. Instead, they were created from scratch to provide systematic and explicit instruction in foundational reading skills that follows an authentic scope and sequence. Lessons in all domains feature content crafted by writers representing the cultural richness of the Spanish-speaking world. This means that emerging Spanish readers get authentic instruction that is optimized to support their growth.

Empower the Next Generation of Bilingual Learners through Authentic Content

Invite your students to engage more deeply in their learning with instruction that reflects their experiences. 100 percent of literary texts were custom written by authors from across the Spanish-speaking world, including the United States, and are accompanied by captivating artwork from illustrators with equally diverse backgrounds. Students interact with content that reflects their identities and communities represented in instructional content while giving them windows into the lived experiences of others, all while fostering a joy of reading. Engaging themes are woven into topics around science and social studies to support students in applying knowledge across domains.

Promote Engagement with Highly Interactive Instruction

More than 300 adaptive digital lessons in Spanish Reading were carefully developed to engage students in Grades K–5 with developmentally appropriate, motivating, and efficient learning experiences. These highly interactive lessons adapt to give students the right balance of instruction and practice, so they get exactly what they need and stay engaged throughout the learning experience.

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