Professional Development

Developing Practices That Drive Student Growth

Professional Development Courses

Our professional development courses are designed to help educators use our programs in highly effective, pedagogically sound ways. We carefully scaffold knowledge to build educator understanding of how our programs work and how to use them for the greatest benefit to students. Our courses are designed to move teachers and leaders along the continuum from product to practice.

Hallmarks of our professional development include:

  • Continuous calibration: We adapt our approach for you, because not everyone has the same needs at the same time.
  • Flexibility: Our flexible six-hour onsite days allow us to work closely with you to meet your unique needs.
  • Relevance: Educators learn practical, pedagogically sound methods and practices, preparing them to apply strategies to real situations right away.

PD Course Catalog

i-Ready Courses

Building Data-Driven Cultures through Partnership

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Courses

Transforming Mathematics Classrooms

Ready Mathematics Courses

Fostering Discourse-Driven Mathematics Classrooms

Magnetic Reading Foundations Courses

Building a Foundation for Grades K–2 Students to Become Confident, Successful Readers

Magnetic Reading Courses

Building Collaborative Classrooms for Grades 3–5 Students to Become Confident, Validated Readers

Ready Reading and Writing Courses

Building Capacity for Deep Comprehension

BRIGANCE Early Childhood Courses

Using the Screening and Assessment Tools with Fidelity and Confidence

BRIGANCE Head Start Courses

Using the Screening and Assessment Tools with Fidelity and Confidence

BRIGANCE Special Education Courses

Getting Comprehensive and Accurate Assessment Data

Additional Products Courses

Training Support for PHONICS for Reading, FOCUS on Reading, and CAMS®/STAMS® and STAMS Solve™