Practical Instructional Tools at Teachers’ Fingertips

i-Ready Teacher Resources

In the ideal blended classroom, online resources are tightly connected to classroom learning and the established instructional routines of teachers. iReady’s Teacher Resources were designed to do just that. These teacher-centric resources are linked to each student’s iReady Diagnostic results and complement their personalized learning path in iReady Instruction. As a result, instruction becomes more targeted, teachers gain back time, and classrooms are more efficient as teachers and students work together toward making gains.

Get to Know i-Ready Teacher Resources

Tools for Instruction lessons.

Tools for Instruction

Tools for Instruction provide actionable, in-the-moment resources for addressing students’ skill gaps in small group and one-to-one settings. Directly tied to Diagnostic results, Tools for Instruction offer instant options for remediation and reteaching.

Laptop showing Ready Teacher Toolbox.

Ready Teacher Toolbox

Differentiating instruction is made easier with the Teacher Toolbox, an online teacher support tool that gives teachers a full range of K–8 instructional resources at their fingertips, regardless of what grade they teach, for students performing below, on, or above grade level. For teachers in Grades K–1, Teacher Toolbox includes Read Aloud Trade Books to support close reading and projectable activities to further support skill development. *For educators from K–12 educational institutions only.

Ready Math Grade 4 Student Book.

Ready® Instruction

Ready Mathematics and Ready Reading provide K–8 teacher-led instruction to complement the personalized instruction students get from iReady’s personalized learning path. Its step-by-step instructional approach is award-winning and proven-effective to achieve student gains in the classroom.

Teacher Toolbox supports and simplifies things for teachers.” —Mark Strauss, Broward County Public Schools, FL

“Teachers have all that data at their fingertips on a daily basis to be able to provide instruction that’s truly impactful for our students.” —Michelle Barash, Hernando County School District

“It’s the best curriculum product I’ve seen in my career.” —Debbie Davis, Simpson County School District, MS

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