Six Tips to Keep Your Student Engaged with i-Ready 

1. MAKE A PLAN together with your child on how to spend their time at home and when they will work on their learning activities. It can be helpful to put the plan in writing and post it somewhere visible. As you make the plan, follow any guidance you received from your child’s teacher on what they should work on.

2. SHARE the experience with your child. Both of you can become familiar with the different parts of the student dashboard, and you can learn with your child as they complete a lesson.

3. ENCOURAGE your child to take each lesson and quiz question seriously. Emphasize “thinking before clicking,” because just clicking through will not be a productive use of their time nor reflect what your child actually knows. Remind your child to read passages in their entirety, use paper and pencil to solve math problems, and use the tools that appear at the bottom of the screen in some lessons.

4. TRACK AND DISCUSS PROGRESS. Regularly review progress with your student using the My Progress page. Note that your child should aim for 45 minutes of iReady Personalized Instruction per subject per week and maintain a range of 30–49 minutes of Personalized Instruction while passing at least 70 percent of lessons. Your child’s school may have varying guidance. As you discuss progress with your child, consider asking:

  • How is iReady going?
  • What are you working on/learning about?
  • What is your goal? Are you on track to meet it?
  • What are you proud of?
  • What did you learn in the _____ lesson? What did you enjoy? What did you find challenging?

You can use these fun trackers as you and your child discuss and keep track of progress.

5. CELEBRATE your child’s progress. Celebrating milestones such as passing a lesson or reaching a specific goal can help keep your child motivated. You can share celebrations with the rest of the family and even decide on a fun activity as a reward.

6. MIX UP activities. As you plan how your child will spend their learning time, ensure there is variety in the activities they work on beyond the time they spend on online learning. For example, younger children can work on art projects (they can even use these fun coloring pages of iReady characters) and older children can immerse themselves in a book of their choice.