At-Home Support for BRIGANCE Early Childhood and Head Start


Support to keep teaching and learning going, wherever that may be.

For Educators (using the BRIGANCE Screens III): 

Parents/Caregivers have a unique perspective on their child. Download the materials below that allow families to share with you what it is their child knows and can do, information that can help guide instruction for their child. 

Parent Feedback Forms

The Parent Feedback Forms are interactive. You can email the age-appropriate Parent Feedback Form to families and, in turn, the parent/caregiver can fill out the form, providing input on their child’s skills, save their responses, and email the Feedback Form back to you.

Parent Reports for the Self-help and Social-Emotional Scales

The Parent Reports for the Self-help and Social-Emotional Scales are also interactive. Like the Feedback Forms, you can email the age-appropriate Parent Report to families and they can weigh in on skills the child demonstrates at home. Once they’ve saved their responses, they can email the Parent Report back to you.

For Families:

Many families are spending a lot of time together and are looking for fun things to do with their child at home. Download the materials below to share with your children’s families. 

Take-Home Activity Books

The Take-Home Activity Books give families a chance to partner in their child’s learning. The short booklets include ideas for at-home practice of early literacy or mathematics skills. 

Family Letters

The Family Letters recommend age-appropriate and skill-related books to read as a family and provide suggestions for fun at-home activities that reinforce readiness skills to do at home with their child.