Upward Elementary Grade 4 Teacher Inspires Caring Community and Unmatched Engagement

Flat Rock, NC

North Carolina School Connects during COVID

Educators at Upward Elementary School, part of North Carolina’s Henderson County Public Schools, ensured that learning continued during the challenging 2020–2021 school year by fostering strong student engagement and offering students personalized support. When asked to share how they were able to connect with students during an uncertain school year, Upward educators kept bringing up one teacher in particular: Grade 4 teacher Marcie Burlett.


“i-Ready was one thing we could all do, and it was on [students’] levels. I think that’s what helped the most. I had some students on a Grade 1 level and then others on a Grade 6 level. They didn’t know what level each of their classmates was on, but they were all feeling successful.” Marcie Burlett, Grade 4 Teacher