Tacoma Public Schools Expands Data Culture and Learning with i-Ready Classroom Mathematics

Tacoma, WA

Washington District Modernizes Math Program

Tacoma Public Schools (TPS) in Washington serves nearly 30,000 pre-K–12 students across 60 schools and has used i-Ready Assessment for actionable insight into students’ learning needs for more than six years. In 2019, TPS began using i-Ready Classroom Mathematics as its core math program to help the district’s students meet the more rigorous state standards. Now, Tacoma educators are using the program to address students’ unfinished learning.


“TPS and Curriculum Associates have viewed our relationship as an authentic partnership grounded in serving the students, educators, and families within our local community . . . As a district, we feel the commitment from our [Curriculum Associates] partners on a daily basis—from purchasing to professional growth, from acquiring physical and digital resources to brainstorming ways to make them better, from supporting our students and educators in general education settings to aligning cross-district efforts for learners with exceptional needs.” TPS Administrator