Reimagining Middle School Mathematics Instruction in Rutherford County Schools Adds Up to Big Results

Rutherford County, TN

Implementing a 90-Minute Mathematics Block

When Rutherford County School District’s middle school math scores dipped, school leaders restructured its schedule to include a 90-minute mathematics block. Ready Tennessee Mathematics and i-Ready Assessment and Personalized Instruction provided a foundation for teachers to help students with standards mastery and gave them a consistent tool to indicate where their kids were at. After the first year, Grades 6–8 students who had participated in the mathematics block saw median percent of Typical Growth increase to 127 percent.


“Curriculum Associates has helped us maintain a focus on grade-level standards. The materials help because they are aligned to our state standards. We use the Diagnostic as our universal screener when we’re looking at math intervention placements for students, but it also provides differentiated instruction. Having access to instruction for all grade levels through the [Teacher] Toolbox is a huge benefit for teachers.” Melinda Fleischer, Middle School Mathematics Specialist