Paradise Unified School District Uses i-Ready Data to Help Rebuild after Wildfire

Paradise, CA

California District Ensures Learning Continues

In November 2018, the worst wildfire in California’s history decimated the town of Paradise, leaving only one of Paradise Unified School District (PUSD)’s nine schools habitable. Before the fire was fully contained, PUSD educators began rebuilding. They made schools wherever they could find space, coaxed traumatized students to reconnect with their teachers and one another, and used trusted instructional and assessment programs in new and creative ways.


“[Our students] were getting pretty comfortable with i-Ready before COVID-19, and now it is a major tool that teachers are using. When you can tell your students, ‘Get on i-Ready for 45 minutes a week,’ and you can track that, that’s huge for our teachers. And when we begin next year, we’re definitely going to start with i-Ready assessments.” Tom Taylor, Superintendent