Focus on Skills Development Leads to Learning Gains in Georgetown County School District

Georgetown, SC

South Carolina District Embraces Rigor

For two school years in a row (2018 and 2019), state assessment scores for students in Georgetown County School District (GCSD) in South Carolina lagged the state in both reading and math. Ensuring all GCSD students would reach state-level proficiency required bold thinking and a new assessment program across the district. GCSD’s research led them to adopt the i-Ready Assessment suite in part because this research-based program would give educators domain-level data that provided a full picture of students’ targeted needs.


“Teachers really got excited about it and felt comfortable using the i-Ready platform. And when they started to see the growth of their students, they got even more excited. And you know what happens when teachers are excited about something—they don’t keep anything in.” Stephanie Stuckey, Director of Student Interventions and Support Services