Zachary Pfrimmer.

About Zachary Pfrimmer

Zachary Pfrimmer is an elementary school teacher in northern Washington State, where he has taught third, fourth, and fifth grade. He works with his building leadership, equity, and instructional teams to examine, build upon, and refine educational practices based on equity, inclusion, and collaboration in meaningful and contemporary ways for himself and others. In his own classroom, Zachary practices strategies to foster engagement and success through student voice, leadership, creative problem solving, self-expression, self-management, and failing forward. He grew up in North Pole, Alaska, where he came from a family of teachers and principals, all of whom instilled the ethos that a growth mindset is essential to a productive and successful learning environment. As his family grew to include his wife and three sons, Zachary continued fostering love, support, and positivity in his home, social, and professional life. He spends time outside exploring the Pacific Northwest and reads with his wife and sons as often as possible. Zachary holds a B.M. in Vocal Performance from Pacific Lutheran University and an M.Ed. in Elementary Education from City University of Seattle.

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