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About Lloyd Jones

Lloyd Jones is an Executive Director at Curriculum Associates and a national expert on high-impact mathematical instruction, math discourse, and the role data plays in student outcomes. He taught for more than 10 years and is a National Board Certified Teacher, an honor he worked toward and achieved as a demonstration of his commitment to educational excellence for all students. In his role at Curriculum Associates, he contributes to the development of the company’s mathematics instructional materials. Lloyd is a popular speaker and teacher favorite at both regional and national conferences, and administrators across the country have benefitted from his consulting services. He lives in North Carolina with his wonderful wife and two beautiful, red-headed daughters.

Latest Posts

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How a Caring Classroom Community Led to Unmatched Engagement

Grade 4 teacher Marcie Burlett, from Henderson County, NC, went above and beyond to create a positive classroom culture that resulted in well-rounded success throughout the pandemic. All of her students met their i-Ready goals, and, most importantly, they felt like they were part of a mutually supportive classroom community.

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Math Practice Myths (and What Teachers Should Do Instead)

Math practice myths are abound, but for educators to effectively teach the new standards, math practice must include more than just memorizing facts and procedures. Students need to practice all five of the strands of math proficiency. 

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Grants and Funding Hub

Curriculum Associates’ grants and funding team has assembled resources to help educators and administrators make sense of new federal funding sources, plan for summer school, and understand how our programs meet funding requirements.