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About Julia Febiger

Julia Febiger is the director of research and assessment markets at Curriculum Associates. She has more than a decade of education publishing experience, and before moving to Curriculum Associates, she held high-level research roles at several prominent education companies. Julia earned a B.A. in Psychology from Bowdoin College and an M.Ed. in Human Development and Psychology from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her rich experience and deep assessment knowledge fuel her dedication to transforming research and theory into proven classroom practices that drive student achievement.


Latest Posts

Educator assisting a student on a laptop in a classroom.

Unfinished Learning: The Latest Literacy Narrative

The percentage of Grades 1–3 learners who are reading at grade level is lower than before the pandemic, and there are more students below grade level by two or more grades.

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Student taking i-Ready diagnostic to gather data about equity, COVID-19, and unfinished learning.

The Pandemic’s Inequitable Impact on Student Learning

Data from the fall 2021 i-Ready Diagnostic shows that the pandemic continues to impact student learning and exacerbate longstanding education inequities among students from different races, ethnicities, and income levels.

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Student working at home.

Understanding Student Needs: Findings from Fall 2020 i-Ready Diagnostics

Our analysis of i-Ready Diagnostic results from the complete fall 2020 Diagnostic testing window has given us even more insight into how the pandemic affected student learning and new information about testing demographics and Diagnostics that were taken remotely.

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Student doing homework in the kitchen.

What We’ve Learned about Unfinished Learning at Midyear

The Curriculum Associates Research team has analyzed early results from the winter 2020–2021 i-Ready Diagnostic and is sharing new insights into pandemic-related unfinished learning and the measures and supports educators need to address it.

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Teacher and students sitting on the floor.

Grants and Funding Hub

Curriculum Associates’ grants and funding team has assembled resources to help educators and administrators make sense of new federal funding sources, plan for summer school, and understand how our programs meet funding requirements.