Joe Flick.

About Joe Flick

Joe Flick has taught in the Bay Shore School District in Bay Shore, NY for 21 years. He has spent the majority of his 21-year career in the field of mathematics education. While most of his experience has been working with striving students in Grades 1–2, he also taught at the Grades 3–5 levels and has had an opportunity to teach advanced elementary math classes as well. He now teaches Grade 6 math. In 2021, Joe was recognized as a Curriculum Associates Extraordinary Educator. He has provided numerous professional learning sessions for district administrators, teachers, parents, and classroom paraprofessionals. Joe consults with districts nationwide as they work to implement new pedagogy and standards in mathematics education, and many of his most successful lessons and professional learning workshops have been carefully thought about while out for his daily 90-minute morning run. Joe holds a bachelor’s degree in education and a master’s degree in special education and is an advocate for children with special needs.


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