Janie Brown.

About Dr. Janie Brown

Dr. Janie Brown received an associate’s degree in elementary education from Jones County Junior College, which led to her bachelor’s in education from The University of Southern Mississippi. After completing her bachelor’s, Janie began her career in elementary education at Ida Greene Elementary and moved on to Rowan Elementary. Within her 15 years as an elementary teacher, Janie continued her education by receiving a master’s from William Carey University and a doctorate from Capella University. Since 2020, she has been a Grades 7 and 8 mathematics teacher at Laurel Middle School in Mississippi, where she serves as the math and science department chair. She assists with after-school tutoring, serves on the School Improvement team and as professional learning committee leader, and was selected as an Extraordinary Educator in 2023. Her passion for education led to her desire to be a lifelong learner. She strives to be the inspiration behind her students’ decision to get out of bed in difficult times.

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