Da’Jhon Jett.

About Da’Jhon Jett

Da’Jhon Jett is a Grade 6 teacher at Augusta Lewis Troup School in New Haven, Connecticut and the vice president of elementary schools. As an educator for the past five years, he received a Master of Arts in Teaching from Quinnipiac University. He believes it is extremely important for students of color to see teachers who look like them and share some of the same lived experiences leading academic instruction. So often, people of color are either gym teachers, support staff, or provide disciplinary support. Da’Jhon is changing that narrative. He collaborates with teachers across the district to uncover best practices and ensure he is providing the most up-to-date and effective means of instruction for his students. He is pursuing an educational leadership degree, which lets him see there is more to discipline than punitive consequences for students. He provides positive feedback to students daily and positive communication to families biweekly. This allows families to recognize his commitment to bringing out the best in their children. He constantly searches for and attends professional learning opportunities that allow him to perfect his craft in engaging with students, their families, and the community his school serves.


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