Andrea Baney.

About Andrea Baney

Andrea Baney is a Grade 4 mathematics teacher in the Danville Area School District in Danville, Pennsylvania. Andrea holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education (Grades K–6) from Susquehanna University and a master’s degree in educational leadership, with principal’s certification, from Wilkes University. A teacher for 16 years, she was one of 12 finalists for the 2022 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year. Andrea lives in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania with her husband and two sons, where she enjoys spending time outdoors with her family. Andrea became a teacher because of her Grade 2 teacher, Mrs. Miller, who made her feel loved, valued, and supported. Because she felt that way, she felt she could do anything, and she has never forgotten that. To this day, Andrea makes it her mission to build a strong relationship with her students.


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