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Amanda Kipnis is a special education instructor with more than 15 years of experience. Her passion for education, commitment to strong student–parent relationships, and a personal mission to “make learning fun and meaningful for my students” are just a few of the reasons she was chosen to be a member of the Extraordinary Educators Class of 2020. Amanda teaches in the Lemon Grove School District in Southern California. Follow her on Twitter @MissKipnisSDC


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Special education teacher Amanda Kipnis engages her remote learning students by wearing a dinosaur mask.
Rare Opportunities and Relationships: An Extraordinary Educator Offers Advice on Remote Special Education Instruction
Amanda Kipnis, who has taught a day class for students with moderate-to-severe learning disabilities for more than 15 years, shares how teaching her students remotely has improved her relationships with parents, introduced her to excellent new instructional tools, and made her a “better teacher.”
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