Access and Equity

Embracing Inclusion

Supporting Educators and Learners through Inclusive Content

Educators across the country are charged with helping all students reach grade-level milestones—regardless of where they live, the languages they speak, their race or ethnicities, or available resources.

To help educators succeed, Curriculum Associates produces high-quality, inclusive content that encourages learners to:

  1. See themselves fully represented
  2. Learn about others who are also fully represented
  3. Reflect on how their perspectives have evolved based on their new knowledge

This approach to learning both invites and requires more diverse voices to make content richer and more relevant to learners from different cultures, languages, and life experiences.

Developing Inclusive Content

Students who are more engaged with their learning show significantly greater learning gains than their peers, and engaged learners are more likely to graduate and be prepared for college and career success.

One effective way to engage all learners is to ensure they see themselves in their learning. To this aim, our content development is guided by these principles:

  • Students deserve learning experiences that reflect and validate their unique cultural backgrounds and life experiences.
  • When learners see themselves accurately reflected, they feel safe, seen, and valued at school.
  • To help educators accelerate learning for all students, they need the best possible materials to spark deep engagement.

Explore Our Programs

Laptop showing i-Ready Personalized Instruction for Reading.

i-Ready Personalized Instruction

Deliver engaging, online Grades K–8 Reading lessons—guided by i-Ready Assessment data—to motivate students on their paths to proficiency and growth.

Magnetic Reading Student Worktext.

Magnetic Reading

Magnetic Reading K–5 is an essential component for any core reading program. Magnetic Reading Foundations K–2 provides the foundation needed for students to learn to read and connects to the comprehension skills taught in Magnetic Reading 3–5, with which students read to learn.

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics print and digital product shot.

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics

This K–8 core mathematics program sparks meaningful discourse, strengthens understanding, and inspires learning.