Access and Equity

Embracing Anti‑racism

Our Commitment to Anti-racism

As a company, we have both a responsibility and an opportunity to reduce the effects of systemic racism for the students, educators, and educational communities we serve and for our own team members. We have embraced the critical nature of this work. We are committed to ensuring Curriculum Associates is a champion of equity in our service to schools and in our products.

Anti-racism in Our Products and Services

We have committed to becoming an anti-racist company because it is the right thing to do. Because equitable education is essential to a free and fair society. Because the educational gaps between students of color and other students is in fact a gap in opportunity.

National test scores show a disparity between Black and White students that can be equated to two full school years of learning and a gap between Latino and White students that is almost as large. We must, as a society, take responsibility for changing this reality, which includes working toward including every student in our content and in our classrooms.

Student reviewing i-Ready online lesson on iPad.

The Power of Inclusive Content

We harness the power of inclusive content to engage and accelerate the learning of all students. Our content and approach reflect the diverse world in which students live and the real challenges they experience. There are those who find inclusivity controversial, but we do not. It is integral to our values and our identity as an institution that serves all students.

Every student in this nation deserves learning experiences that reflect and validate their cultural background and life experiences, make them feel they belong at school, and prepare them for college and career success. Students who are more engaged with the lesson and have access to more grade-appropriate assignments show significantly greater learning gains than their peers. We cannot afford to leave these learning gains on the table.

There are actions each of us can take to close the opportunity gap. With the guidance of scientific research and the power of data, we intend to fulfill our responsibility to the next generation by showing each child that they are safe, seen, and valued at school. We hope you’ll join us and support accurate, authentic, and inclusive education for all students.

A Message from Curriculum Associates’ CEO, Rob Waldron

As the leader of an organization that serves our nation’s educators and children, I see the critical role Curriculum Associates must play in addressing the ways in which systemic racism in American education hurts Black students specifically and students of color more broadly. We take our role in changing that system very seriously. I came to this work decades ago, convinced it was the most impactful, direct way to improve life outcomes for children. I still believe this, but I’m learning more each day that this charter is not confined to the tools we provide. It needs to be reflected in our values, our culture, and in the diversity of our workforce. 

Assessment and instruction programs that deliver the most accurate view and equitable support of student learning are needed, but we must also examine our agency in addressing the less-obvious ways racism works in school systems and the private-sector companies who serve them. We have begun that journey at Curriculum Associates, and we mean to accelerate and improve our progress on it.

As a leader, I continue to listen, study, and learn. We are having challenging, deliberate, transformative conversations about diversity, power, and agency within the company and with our partners. We are humble. We are responsible. We are reading and sharing stories. We are questioning. We are listening intently. Curriculum Associates stands with Black students, Black teachers, and Black communities, and we are working hard to serve you better.

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