Access and Equity

Embracing Anti‑racism

Our Commitment to Anti-racism

As a company, we have both a responsibility and an opportunity to reduce the effects of systemic racism for the students, educators, and educational communities we serve and for our own team members. We have embraced the critical nature of this work. We are committed to ensuring Curriculum Associates is a champion of anti-racist ideals in our service to schools, products, and company culture.

Anti-racism in Products and Services 

We are digging deep into ways to incorporate anti-racism and racial justice in our approach to content and in the ways in which we train and support educators engaging in that content. We recognize this work is as much about identifying problematic omissions as it is about providing rich, inclusive content and instruction that helps students engage deeply in critical analysis. While this work will support change in classrooms across the country, we believe it is critical to providing increasingly equitable experiences for Black and Indigenous students and People of Color (BIPOC). 

Our team is presently focused on ensuring . . .

  • Culturally authentic representation, affirmation, and validation of BIPOC students in all content, including visual and lived experiences
  • BIPOC students are and report feeling represented and engaged by a broad range of standards-aligned, anti-racist content
  • BIPOC students feel affirmed, skilled, seen, valued, and respected by instructional materials, score reporting, and clear pathways to proficiency

Anti-racism in Our Corporate Culture

Our team is deeply engaged in moving our organization forward. A tool we’ve been using to guide this work is the Anti-racist Multicultural Organization Continuum, which lays out the steps and traits of moving from a monocultural organization to an anti-racist, multicultural one. 

We are committed to becoming a wholly anti-racist, multicultural organization and have set targets that hold us accountable to moving in this direction. Below are some of the current goals we are working toward internally:

Talent and Culture

  • Inclusive job descriptions that attract a wide array of backgrounds
  • Expanded network to reach and recruit BIPOC candidates
  • Reduce bias and identify racism within the hiring process
  • Establish common language and goals regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion within the hiring process
  • Create trainings and resources for hiring teams to better understand equitable hiring practices

Deconstructing Racism

  • Designing and launching an anti-racist learning plan for the company that increases internal awareness of barriers to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Leverage anti-racist, multicultural diversity as a core asset
  • Redefining goals, activities, processes, and relationships based on anti-racist values

Disseminating Ideas 

  • Recognizing our agency in contributing to an anti-racist discourse in American education 
  • Common internal understanding of Curriculum Associates’ role, work, and mission as a company focused on changing outcomes for BIPOC students 
  • Marketing, research, product support, advocacy, and adult learning opportunities that are consistently anti-racist, grounded in research on literacy, numeracy, and learning science
  • Contributing to a shift in discourse, using standards to define equitable learning goals  

A Message from Curriculum Associates’ CEO, Rob Waldron

As the leader of an organization that serves our nation’s educators and children, I see the critical role Curriculum Associates must play in addressing the ways in which systemic racism in American education hurts Black students specifically and students of color more broadly. We take our role in changing that system very seriously. I came to this work decades ago, convinced it was the most impactful, direct way to improve life outcomes for children. I still believe this, but I’m learning more each day that this charter is not confined to the tools we provide. It needs to be reflected in our values, our culture, and in the diversity of our workforce. 

Assessment and instruction programs that deliver the most accurate view and equitable support of student learning are needed, but we must also examine our agency in addressing the less-obvious ways racism works in school systems and the private-sector companies who serve them. We have begun that journey at Curriculum Associates, and we mean to accelerate and improve our progress on it.

As a leader, I continue to listen, study, and learn. We are having challenging, deliberate, transformative conversations about diversity, power, and agency within the company and with our partners. We are humble. We are responsible. We are reading and sharing stories. We are questioning. We are listening intently. Curriculum Associates stands with Black students, Black teachers, and Black communities, and we are working hard to serve you better.

Robert Waldron signature.

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