New Curriculum Associates Research Offers New Insights on Algebra Readiness

Nationwide data on student mathematics performance in Grades 2–6 reinforces the efficacy of targeted instruction and the importance of all mathematics domains to reach algebra readiness.

North Billerica, MA, March 21, 2024

Curriculum Associates released a new report today, “Predicting Algebra Readiness,” comparing historical i-Ready Diagnostic assessment data at the domain level to understand the relationship of previous mathematics performance to future mathematics performance, specifically algebra readiness.

Numerous studies show that algebra readiness is correlated with future academic success, including major benchmarks such as graduating from high school, attending college, and securing future employment. Mathematics scores have stalled nationwide following pandemic-related school disruptions, underscoring the importance of this research to help understand pathways to accelerating students’ trajectories to achieve algebra readiness.

Tracking student mathematics performance in Grades 2–6 during the 2020–2021 through 2022–2023 school years, Curriculum Associates found that mathematics domain placements in Year 1 of the study were strongly related to overall scores in Year 3, with prior performance being indicative of later performance.

The research also shows the percentage of students ending Year 3 on track or “algebra ready” is higher than the predicted percentage—showing encouraging signs that students’ initial placement does not pre-determine their end placement.

“These new findings underscore the importance of taking a holistic approach to math education. The data demonstrate that all math domains create the building blocks for future algebra success and that educators with the right tools and data can transform students' math trajectories,” said Kristen Huff, vice president of assessment and research. “Engaging students with high-quality, personalized math curricula can help every child reach algebra readiness.”

This new report is part of Curriculum Associates’ ongoing efforts to leverage  i-Ready Diagnostic data to equip educators, researchers, and other stakeholders with insights on the status of education in America today.

In 2023, Curriculum Associates’ annual report on the State of Student Learning found that, across Grades 1–8, fewer students are reaching grade level in mathematics compared to their cohorts before the pandemic, while more students are falling below grade level. The 2024 State of Student Learning report, which will analyze the results of the i-Ready Diagnostic assessment administered to more than 11 million Grades K–8 students in the United States, will be published this summer.

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