Curriculum Associates’ i-Ready® Classroom Mathematics ©2024 Program Receives Perfect Score from EdReports

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics ©2024 becomes the first mathematics program to receive a perfect EdReports score for all Grades K–8.

North Billerica, MA, March 7, 2024

Curriculum Associates’ i-Ready Classroom Mathematics ©2024 for Grades K–8 has received a perfect score from EdReports, an independent nonprofit that conducts evidence-based reviews of instructional materials. This designation sets i-Ready Classroom Mathematics ©2024 apart as the first Grades K–8 mathematics program to receive a perfect score.

EdReports conducts extensive third-party reviews to increase the capacity of teachers, administrators, and leaders to seek, identify, and demand the highest-quality instructional materials to improve and deepen student learning. The organization’s review process includes a rigorous three-gateway system in which a “green” rating signifies that the program meets expectations for a given set of criteria.

Not only did i-Ready Classroom Mathematics ©2024 receive an “all-green” rating, but the program received all points possible—a perfect score—across all indicators:  

  1. Gateway 1—Focus and Coherence
  2. Gateway 2—Rigor and Mathematical Practices
  3. Gateway 3—Usability

“Curriculum Associates mathematics programs have always received all-green ratings from EdReports, a testament to our dedication to consistently creating high-quality instructional materials,” said Danielle Curran, associate vice president for mathematics instruction and implementation at Curriculum Associates. “We are thrilled that i-Ready Classroom Mathematics ©2024 is the first program to receive perfect scores for Grades K–8.”

“More than ever, educators need manageable, high-quality mathematics curricula to engage students and accelerate learning. We are proud to provide educators with the proven tools and reliable insights they need to support every student across grade levels,” Curran continued.

i -Ready Classroom Mathematics ©2024 was designed to provide educators with a student-centered, core mathematics curriculum to support student growth. Paired with the i-Ready Diagnostic, educators have easy access to data that helps them provide the right support for each student's unique needs and outlines next steps for instruction. Third-party research has shown that students using i-Ready Classroom Mathematics ©2024 perform significantly better than those not using the program, scoring approximately six to 12 percentile points higher on state assessments than they otherwise would have.

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