Washington OSPI Recommends Curriculum Associates’ i-Ready® as a Rapid Automatized Naming (RAN) Assessment for Early Screening of Dyslexia

Districts can now use the award-winning program with its additional offline assessment tasks to screen all literacy skills associated with dyslexia required for Grades K–2

North Billerica, MA, March 13, 2023

The Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) recently named i-Ready’s Rapid Automatized Naming (RAN) Literacy Tasks as a recommended RAN assessment for the early screening of dyslexia. Now, districts throughout Washington State can use the award-winning i-Ready program with its additional offline assessment tasks to identify indicators and areas of weakness that are highly predictive of future reading difficulty, including phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, letter sound knowledge, and rapid naming skills.

“When screening for dyslexia, it is imperative that educators have a valid and reliable assessment such as i-Ready,” said Rob Waldron, CEO of Curriculum Associates. “With this recent recommendation from Washington OSPI, educators will now be able to use one assessment tool to streamline the overall screening process so that they can more quickly—and holistically—identify students who may need specialized reading supports.”

According to the Washington OSPI, the RAN assessment is a requirement of the early screening of dyslexia under E2SSB 6162-Early Screening of Dyslexia. The recommended RAN assessment screens students’ skills in rapid automatized naming and is required to include four assessment options, including colors, numbers, letters, and familiar objects.

Prior to this recommendation, i-Ready was named to OSPI’s list of Recommended Literacy Screening Tools to support districts’ implementation of early dyslexia screening with students in Grades K–2. It was selected based on its assessment quality, validity and reliability, correlation to Washington State Learning Standards, capacity to support districts, and more. 

More about i-Ready

i-Ready makes the promise of differentiated instruction a practical reality for Grades K–12 teachers and students. Proven to predict student performance on the Smarter Balanced Assessment, it combines powerful assessments and rich insights with effective and engaging instruction in reading and mathematics to address students’ individual needs.

The i-Ready Diagnostic for Reading, which can be used to meet OSPI’s Learning Assistance Program data reporting guidelines, provides educators with actionable, criterion-referenced and normative data to deliver impactful, equitable learning experiences. Teachers administer the Diagnostic at the beginning of the school year to chart a course for their instruction and to personalize i-Ready instructional paths. A midyear and end-of-year Diagnostic helps students and teachers measure growth and have data chats. Teacher-led and personalized instruction continues throughout the year to help students address their learning gaps and access grade-level learning. 

All i-Ready district partners have ongoing access to Curriculum Associates’ award-winning customer service. This includes dedicated support via the company’s Customer Service team, professional learning experts, partner success managers, educational consultants, and Technical Support team, as well as access to the free customer service portal.

Today, the i-Ready program serves more than 11 million students and approximately one-third of all Grades K–8 students in the United States.

To learn more about i-Ready, visit CurriculumAssociates.com/i-Ready. To learn more about the recent approval by the Washington OSPI, visit here.

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