New Mexico Public Education Department Names Curriculum Associates to Its High-Quality Professional Learning Marketplace List for 2021

Educators to receive robust, high-quality professional learning during the implementation and ongoing use of i-Ready® Classroom Mathematics and Ready® Reading

North Billerica, MA, July 7, 2021

The New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) recently named Curriculum Associates’ i-Ready Classroom Mathematics and Ready Reading programs to its High-Quality Professional Learning (HQPL) Marketplace List for 2021. The list acts as a guide for teachers, schools, and districts across the state to identify professional learning provider programs that support orientation and ongoing implementation of high-quality instructional materials. Today, Curriculum Associates’ programs are used by more than a dozen districts across the state, including Las Cruces Public Schools, Gadsden Independent School District, and Grants Cibola County Schools.

According to NMPED, the HQPL Marketplace List includes professional learning provider programs that were reviewed and vetted to ensure they demonstrate evidence-based strategies and results. Local education agencies can use the list to begin the selection process for professional learning needs at the local level. Both Curriculum Associates’ i-Ready Classroom Mathematics and Ready Reading received the highest “green” rating, signifying the programs met the review criteria without any reservations.

“We understand that ongoing professional development is necessary for educators to be successful in the classroom and when using our programs,” said Rob Waldron, CEO of Curriculum Associates. “As such, we work to provide educators with a robust set of materials and supports to help facilitate their teaching and to help them create an engaging learning environment for all students.”

In addition to a high level of personal technical support, Curriculum Associates offers a plethora of online tips, training videos, and planning tools accessible 24/7 to support educators using i-Ready Classroom Mathematics and Ready Reading. Both live and in-person trainings on Curriculum Associates’ programs are also available.

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics helps teachers deliver discourse-based mathematics instruction, while empowering students to think mathematically and discuss mathematical ideas. Its printed and online resources work cohesively to support the teaching and learning process. The program uses multiple-day lessons and instructional routines to help students understand important mathematical concepts, make connections between multiple mathematical strategies, and deepen their conceptual understanding by having them lead the majority of the classroom discussion. There are also frequent opportunities for practice and assessment to ensure students understand concepts and to help teachers make instructional decisions.

The program includes a variety of professional learning resources that are built into the beginning of every unit and embedded within every lesson. It also offers professional guidance to support English Learners, including language differentiation strategies that provide scaffolds for the five WIDA language proficiency levels and ideas for community and cultural responsiveness that can be incorporated during the lesson.

“When I started evaluating programs for our mathematics adoption, I was impressed and excited about i-Ready Classroom Mathematics,” said Roberto Salas, instructional specialist for Grades K–6 mathematics at Gadsden Public Schools. “Once we adopted the program and I started working with it, I was beyond excited. I believe this mathematics program can and will help our students develop an understanding of mathematics and become problem solvers.”

Ready Reading is a rigorous classroom reading instruction and practice program that fully prepares students for the demands of today’s standards in a highly interactive way, while also providing teachers with step-by-step, point-of-use support to teach most effectively.

The program engages students in opportunities to practice close reading strategies with authentic text and features a scaffolded instructional design that builds students’ confidence in reading over time. The program specifically helps students develop sound skills and strategies for reading comprehension through a balance of on-grade level and differentiated instruction, while providing educators with in-the-moment teacher support to build students’ reading habits. The accompanying Teacher Toolbox additionally offers a digital collection of instructional resources that supports educators in differentiating instruction for students performing on, below, or above grade level.

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