Curriculum Associates Adds Learning Games to i-Ready® and Ready® Classroom Mathematics to Help Students Practice and Master Mathematical Concepts

New interactive games for Grades K–5 help develop students’ internal motivation while encouraging productive struggle

North Billerica, MA, August 28, 2019

To help students in Grades K–5 strengthen their understanding of key mathematical concepts, Curriculum Associates has added Learning Games to its iReady and Ready Classroom Mathematics programs, which are used by more than 7 million students nationwide. The new interactive games provide engaging mathematics practice that strengthens students’ understanding of mathematical concepts—including fluency and number sense—and fosters a positive relationship with the challenging skills found in today’s elementary standards.

“Learning Games were created based on educator feedback to supplement classroom, teacher-led instruction,” said Jacob Klein, director of Learning Games at Curriculum Associates. “Educators can easily incorporate them into regular class time, rotation stations, enrichment activities, or homework to provide students with a fun way to practice skills, develop fluency, engage in productive struggle, and build visual mental models of key concepts.”

The new Learning Games suite was born out of Curriculum Associates’ 2017 acquisition of Motion Math, founded by Klein and Gabriel Adauto at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. With the suite, students have access to specific games—such as Hungry Guppy, Hungry Fish, Zoom, and Pizza—based on their current grade level. The games address diverse concepts including early number sense, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, number lines, integer and fraction estimation, economics, proportions, word problems, and more. 

Within each game, students can choose from difficulty levels made available based on their most recent performance on the iReady Diagnostic for Mathematics. The Learning Games are intended to be played for roughly 20 minutes per week, or more at the discretion of educators or families, to give students time to explore and benefit from all the games have to offer.

“The kindergarten kids love it,” said Mindi Mayberry, kindergarten teacher at High Plains School in Loveland, CO, who piloted Learning Games with her students. “The games match their math ability and give them lots of practice—plus they can access this at home.”

To support the implementation of Learning Games, educators have access to the Learning Games Educator Guide, Planning Tool, and a Common Core Alignments Chart. All administrators and teachers using iReady and Ready Classroom Mathematics also have access to Learning Games Playtime, Skills Progress, and Factors of Learning reports, which can be used to monitor student activity and progress in the games. All games are available to students at the discretion of the district. 

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