Curriculum Associates Transforms the Way Students Learn Mathematics with the Launch of Ready Classroom Mathematics

Practical routines engage K–5 students in meaningful mathematical conversations

North Billerica, MA, April 1, 2019

Curriculum Associates designed Ready Classroom Mathematics to help teachers deliver discourse-based instruction while empowering students to think mathematically and discuss mathematical ideas. This new standards-aligned mathematics curriculum provides engaging mathematics content for Grades K–5.

“Having meaningful conversations about math concepts helps students better understand what they are learning and apply it to everyday problems,” said Rob Waldron, CEO of Curriculum Associates. “Ready Classroom Mathematics provides teachers with the tools to facilitate these important conversations, drive instruction, and engage all students in the learning process.”

Ready Classroom Mathematics’ print and online resources work cohesively to support the teaching and learning process. The program uses multiday lessons and instructional routines to help students understand important mathematical concepts, make connections between multiple mathematical strategies, and deepen their conceptual understanding by leading the majority of the classroom discussion. There are also frequent opportunities for practice and assessment to ensure that students understand concepts and to help teachers make instructional decisions.  

The program includes a variety of professional learning resources that are built into the beginning of every unit and embedded within every lesson. It also offers professional learning to support English Learners, including language differentiation strategies that provide scaffolds for the five WIDA language proficiency levels and ideas for community and cultural responsiveness that can be incorporated during the lesson.

Program Components
Ready Classroom Mathematics is made up of several print and digital resources.  Available in both English and Spanish, these include: Student Worktexts, Teacher’s Guides, discourse cards, and practice tests with multiple item types. 

Additional resources for students and parents include a Family Resource Center, Unit Flow and Progression Videos, Digital Math Tools, and Interactive Learning Games. Additional digital resources for teachers include assignable Interactive Practice, Comprehension Checks, usage and diagnostic reporting, and an Online Teacher Toolbox that includes lesson slides, differentiation resources, assessments, and more.

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About Curriculum Associates
Founded in 1969, Curriculum Associates, LLC designs research-based print and online instructional materials, screens and assessments, and data management tools. The company’s products and outstanding customer service provide teachers and administrators with the resources necessary for teaching diverse student populations and fostering learning for all students.



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