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This One Factor Is Blamed for More Learning Loss Than Remote Instruction

Where students stood academically prior to COVID-19 caused the widest achievement gaps.


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What’s behind the COVID Academic Slide? Some Things Mattered More Than Remote Learning

A new study from Curriculum Associates examines data from students who took the company’s i-Ready Diagnostic test in Reading and Math.


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11 Educator Perspectives on Post-COVID Learning

The pandemic has emphasized the importance of kindness and patience, which go a long way in relationships with educators and students.


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Faces of HR: How Sandra O’Sullivan Is Reshaping HR Cultures by Putting People First

O’Sullivan is the chief people officer at Curriculum Associates, where she continues to let her passion for helping people realize their potential flourish.


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Georgetown Co. School Administrators See Student Learning Progress with i-Ready Program

i-Ready allows teams to identify students who appear to be falling behind and launch an interval period of four or more weeks to help them catch up.


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Hoppy Kercheval: More Children Are Falling Behind (Opinion)

i-Ready, which tests millions of students three times a year in math and reading, has quantified just how far behind students have fallen during the pandemic.


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Public Education Is Facing a Crisis of Epic Proportions

Some of the best data comes from i-Ready, where researchers compared the performance of millions of students against what would be expected absent the pandemic.


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Our Kids Are behind in School. Here’s How to Help Them.

Curriculum Associates’ study found that “more students are two or more grade levels below their actual grade level this fall.”


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Five EdTech Trends to Look Out for in 2022

“What we saw was a situation where students who were behind got further behind,” says Adam Chace, CTO at edtech company Curriculum Associates.

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One Chief People Officer’s Three Predictions for 2022

Chief People Officer Sandra O’Sullivan shares some of her observations from the fast-moving world of edtech and the HR trends she's noticed over the past year.


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Students in Majority-Black Schools Had Been 9 Months Behind Their White Peers. Now the Gap Is a Full 12 Months

The researchers based their conclusions on Curriculum Associates’ i-Ready assessments administered this fall in person to 3 million students in all 50 . . .



‘This is a disaster.’: Severity of Learning Lost to the Pandemic Comes into Focus

Performance on the i-Ready test administered nationally by Curriculum Associates plummeted for all students compared to the last time it was given.


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