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Kentucky’s Common Kindergarten Screen Information for 2023–2024 School Year

Implementation Details

2023–2024 Implementation

Implementation Guide 2023–2024—For more information and updates, please refer to the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) website and KDE email updates.

Prior Settings Data

View this helpful video on entering Prior Settings data into Infinite Campus: K Screen: Early Learning Prior Settings Instructional Video


Training Information for District Teachers and Staff

BRIGANCE Kindergarten Screen Training

View the K Screen Refresh Training

K Screen Refresh Webcast EILA Credit Verification

BRIGANCE Materials for District Trainers (Password Protected)

District trainers can access 2023–2024 training materials from this Password Protected site. The password was sent to district trainers from Lisa Jett. Please contact Lauren Armour if you need the password.

NOTE: The materials on this page are intended for use by Kentucky district personnel responsible for BRIGANCE training. Please do not make these materials available to others.

BRIGANCE Online Management System (OMS) Training

It is required that each person taking part in the implementation of the Kindergarten Screen (e.g., administrators, teachers, data entry staff) view the following training videos. Teachers and data entry staff must view videos 1–9 (approximately 1 hr., 10 min. total). Administrators must view videos 1–10 (approximately 1 hr., 20 min. total).

Teacher/Staff Screening Tools

Revision to Supplemental Assessment: 4S (Adds and Subtracts)

Revision to Page C-49 (child page) for Supplemental Assessment: 4S (Adds and Subtracts). If you choose to use this supplemental assessment, please print and use this version of page C-49 when screening children.

Child Pages for Visual Motor Skills Subtest

4A: Visual Motor Skills Child Page

Self-help and Social-Emotional Scales

Parent Report—Self-help and Social-Emotional Scales: English | Spanish

If you are hand-scoring the Self-help and Social-Emotional Scales, please use this page to replace page 77 of the K&1 Screens III (information in the OMS is not affected).

Reading Readiness Scale

Teacher Report and Scoring Form—Reading Readiness Scale

Instructional Planning

Use the Instructional Planning Sheet to plan appropriate instruction based on screening results.


IMPORTANT: Be sure to view all of the training videos (above in the BRIGANCE OMS Training section) to learn how to access your login information and use the improved OMS! Log in to the OMS.

See the BRIGANCE Screens in Action!

Five-Year-Old Screening Video Clips (11 min.)

Watch this clip to see the rapport between an examiner and a 5-year-old during screening.


Contact Information

KY Kindergarten Readiness Initiative

If you have questions/comments about:

  • Timelines
  • Deadlines
  • Requirements
  • Materials

Lisa Jett
Education Academic Program Consultant
Office of Assessment and Accountability
(502) 564-4394, ext. 4755

BRIGANCE Kindergarten Screen

If you have questions/comments about:

  • Content
  • Administration directions
  • Scoring
  • Interpreting results

Lauren Armour
Curriculum Associates


If you have questions/comments about:

  • Technical questions/issues (such as inability to access, difficulties printing reports, etc.)
  • Guidance on using the features, including Observations and Family Connections, as well as reading/interpreting reports
  • Timeliness, deadlines, requirements for entering data into the OMS
  • Infinite Campus questions

Contact Curriculum Associates Technical Support at (800) 225-0248, option 6, or

Lisa Jett
Education Academic Program Consultant
Office of Assessment and Accountability
(502) 564-4394, ext. 4755

Training (of Teachers)

If you have questions/comments about:

  • Screen training: In-person training schedule, locations, etc.
  • OMS training

Please reach out to your district contact/trainer for dates, times, locations, and other information. If you do not know who your district contact is, check with your principal.

See above section entitled BRIGANCE OMS Training for recorded training videos.