“Doing well and good”—a CommonWealth Magazine interview with CEO Rob Waldron and founder Frank Ferguson

Rob Waldron and Frank Ferguson discuss Curriculum Associates' founding, mission, vision, and how it really is possible to ‘do well AND do good.’

CommonWealth Magazine, April 8, 2014

“A few years ago, Frank Ferguson, then in his early 80s, reluctantly began considering the fact that he would not be able to run Curriculum Associates forever... Around the same time, Rob Waldron, a restless Harvard MBA with a strong leadership record in the for-profit and nonprofit worlds, set his sights on finding his “dream job”—a CEO post that combined his business skills and a mission-driven passion for education. Waldron, who also wanted such a job to be no farther than 30 minutes from the Wayland home where he and his wife were raising their two children, knew the odds of finding that perfect fit were slim. What happened next proved to be the answer to both men's dreams.”

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