The i-Ready Diagnostic Growth Model

Curriculum Associates has conducted longitudinal, multiyear research into the growth of millions of students. Our research has confirmed what educators have long observed: Not all students grow at the same rate, nor should all students have the same growth goals. Based on this research, i-Ready’s growth model provides differentiated growth benchmarks that differ based on students’ performance on the beginning-of-year i-Ready Diagnostic.

Student Growth Model brochure.

Rationale and Background

i-Ready Diagnostic’s growth model provides two empirically derived measures for understanding student growth: Typical Growth and Stretch Growth®. These two measures provide educators with realistic and ambitious growth targets to help more students reach proficiency. 

Growth in a Grade Three Classroom bar graph.

Video: i-Ready Growth Model Overview

i-Ready Diagnostic’s growth model includesTypical Growth and Stretch Growth measures and is based on years of empirical research on the growth of i-Ready users.

i-Ready Stretch Growth document.

Stretch Growth: A Path toward Proficiency

Researchers at Curriculum Associates conducted a large-scale study using two years of i-Ready Diagnostic data to examine to what degree meeting i-Ready’s Stretch Growth targets puts students on a path toward proficiency. The study provides validity evidence for i-Ready’s Stretch Growth targets as a growth goal that is ambitious yet attainable and demonstrates how reaching Stretch Growth in two consecutive years puts students on a path toward proficiency.