Common Uses for i-Ready Assessments

i-Ready Assessment can be used to address a number of different district assessment goals and requirements. This single program provides data across multiple domains to help educators make informed decisions about their students. 

Literacy and Dyslexia Screening

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Using i-Ready to Meet State Screening Requirements

i-Ready can address many states' screening requirements for universal screening, dyslexia screening, and screening for significant reading difficulties. State-specific guidance is included where appropriate. 

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Early Literacy and Dyslexia Screening

i-Ready’s new screener helps educators identify which students meet grade-level literacy expectations and which students exhibit risk factors associated with dyslexia.

Identifying Students with Significant Difficulties

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Identifying Students with Significant Reading Difficulties

Data from the i-Ready Diagnostic for Reading can be used with cut scores from the i-Ready Reading Difficulty Indicator (iRDI) to determine which students in Grades K–8 exhibit a reading difficulty.  

Screenshot of flyer, Identifying Students with Significant Mathematics Difficulties.

Identifying Students with Significant Mathematics Difficulties

The i-Ready Mathematics Difficulty Indicator (iMDI) is a series of cut scores that indicate mathematics difficulties. Data from the i-Ready Diagnostic for Mathematics and the iMDI can be used to determine if further investigation into dyscalculia is warranted for individual students. 

i-Ready and the Science of Reading

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i-Ready: Aligned with the Science of Reading

i-Ready Assessments and i-Ready Personalized Instruction are aligned with the Science of Reading in a number of ways.

EL Reclassification

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English Learner Reclassification

i-Ready Diagnostic data can be used as one of multiple measures to determine if students are sufficiently proficient in reading the English language to participate effectively in a curriculum designed for students whose native language is English.  

Algebra & AP Readiness

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Evaluation of Algebra Readiness

Success in Algebra I can determine access to advanced mathematics and the demands of college and careers in many fields. Data from i-Ready Diagnostic can be used to inform decisions about a student’s readiness for Algebra I. For students that are still preparing, our reports show what sort of support is needed. 

Advanced Placement (AP) Readiness PDF cover.

Advanced Placement (AP) Readiness

This document provides guidance on using i-Ready Diagnostic Grade 8 student data to identify students who may be prepared for AP Mathematics and Literature and Composition courses. Curriculum Associates researchers do not currently have any similar information about other grades or courses.

Gifted and Talented Identification

Flyer cover, Gifted and Talented Identification.

Gifted and Talented Identification

i-Ready can be used in the referral of students to a Gifted Education identification process. Evidence from i-Ready can inform a planning and placement team in making a Gifted Education determination.