Diagnostic Norms

i-Ready Diagnostic national norms provide a way for educators to understand student scores as they compare to the performance of students across the country. Norms are reported as percentile ranks that describe how a student’s score compares to the performance of nationally representative samples of student scores in the same grade level taking the Diagnostic at the same time of year.

Data on norms is reviewed regularly so updates to norms can be made when warranted. 

i-Ready will introduce new post-pandemic national norms in summer 2024. Based on a large, nationally representative data set, these norms will more accurately represent student performance after the interrupted learning experienced during the pandemic.  

i-Ready Diagnostic New Post-Pandemic Norms Available in 2024 document.

Feature Overview: Understanding i-Ready’s New Norms

Curriculum Associates used data from more than five million students to develop post-pandemic national norms. Interpretation of the new norms underscores the potential they offer, in combination with i-Ready’s criterion-referenced data, to inform rigorous instruction and student growth.    
New Norms flyer cover.

Flyer: New Norms for Reading and Mathematics in 2024

i-Ready’s new national norms, along with other i-Ready resources, offer educators critical insights and data-aligned tools to support student success.  
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i-Ready Diagnostic National Norms Tables: Fall 2016–Spring 2024

The documents linked below contain the norms in use from fall 2016 to spring 2024. They are housed here for reference during the 2023–2024 school year and will continue to be here after the new norms are introduced in i-Ready reports in fall 2024.
i-Ready Diagnostic National Norms Tables: For Use in the 2024–2025 School Year document.

i-Ready Diagnostic National Norms Tables: For Use in the 2024–2025 School Year (NEW!)

Norms within i-Ready provide a way for educators to compare how their students are performing relative to other students across the country. The norms in the tables linked below will be introduced in the i-Ready platform beginning fall 2024. 
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Video: i-Ready Introduces New National Norms in the 2024–2025 School Year

Listen to a short presentation on i-Ready’s new norms and how they can be used to better understand student performance.
Understanding New Norms Whitepaper cover

Whitepaper: Understanding New National Norms

Read about i-Ready’s new norms, why we they have been created, and how they can be used to better understand student performance.

i-Ready Diagnostic new norms guidance

Using New Norms to Inform Instruction or Tiered Intervention  

New norms may have implications for districts that use percentile ranks to make instructional decisions about students, such as determining which students receive Tier 2 and Tier 3 intervention services or for determining eligibility requirements for certain coursework.