Growth Monitoring

The i-Ready Growth Monitoring feature provides a way to test specific student groups between Diagnostics to evaluate and report on projected student growth. These periodic checks between Diagnostics are designed to answer the questions, “What is my student’s projected end-of-year growth?” and “What is the likelihood that my students will meet their growth measures?” The Growth Monitoring assessments can be used as a tool to indicate when specific students may need additional support to accelerate growth and gauge the effectiveness of support programs. 

i-Ready Growth Monitoring reports.

Understand How i-Ready Growth Monitoring Works

Growth Monitoring and Diagnostic assessments are designed to help educators understand students’ projected EOY growth and progress toward growth goals.

NCII's evaluation of i-Ready.
National Center on Intensive Intervention

National Center on Intensive Intervention's evaluation of i-Ready as an Academic Screening Tool and Progress Monitoring Tool. i-Ready is approved by NCII for both Academic Screening and Academic Progress Monitoring.